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The method of water purification by "explosion" of drops!

The method of water purification by "explosion" of drops!
31 May 2018

According to the UN, today the deficit of fresh water on the Earth is 230 billion m3 per year. In such conditions, the introduction of efficient and inexpensive technologies for water purification takes on a different meaning.

Engineers from Tomsk Polytechnic University developed an unusual and inexpensive technology of water treatment, marked by a grant from the President of Russia.

The innovative technology will allow to clean contaminated drinking and waste water from toxic, chemical substances, including combustible impurities and salts. Moreover, this technology makes it possible to purify water qualitatively and cheaply.

The explosive cleaning method is simple: water is converted into emulsion or suspension by adding insoluble liquids or solid impurities, and then placed in a heating chamber where it is heated to 300-500 degrees.

Explosive destruction of interphase boundaries is caused precisely by the pressure drop, and the process itself acquires a chain character. Water evaporates, non-combustible mixtures precipitate, and combustible mixtures burn out. Then the steam condenses, at the output we get purified water. Of course, it is difficult to call such water suitable for drinking, in fact it is a distillate with no minerals. However, this method is ideal for the petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries, because it helps to save resources and allows the use of process water several times.

At first glance, why did not you use this method of cleaning before? The main merit of Russian scientists is that they managed to achieve stable explosive fragmentation of droplets for heterogeneous not only in composition but also in the structure of liquids.